Winx Club

Winx Club is the cult property launched by Rainbow in 2004, a success that keeps renewing itself thanks to the vision of its creator Iginio Straffi.

20 years of growth for a success made of creativity and values, which have made Winx an ageless classic and enabling it to conquer the heart of children and young people around the world.

The brand, that turned 20 last January, 2024, is nowadays an aspirational brand that also addresses the young adult audience embracing values such as diversity, inclusivity, and crossing all cultural boundaries.

The Winx have grown along with their fans, reinventing themselves, keeping up with the trends and even anticipating them, while captivating generations of little boys and girls around the globe. Those little fans have meanwhile grown up and keep following the heroines of their childhood on the web and on social media.

Winx Club counts the distribution in around 150 countries with 8 TV animated series, 2 original animated series co-produced with Netflix, 3 animated feature films, countless live shows, and international musicals.

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